Neil Rundle

Neil is based in Auckland. He is a founding director of Mainstay, and has been with the firm and its predecessors for over 25 years.

Neil has always specialised in catering for the needs of business owners, in the past 20 years focussing on contingency planning for shareholders of medium sized companies. Neil, along with Cam, provides the wider framework in structuring agreements to support the contingency planning and insurance that the shareholders of companies frequently neglect to put in place as they work to build their businesses.


Cam Bailey

Cam is based in Christchurch. When he joined Mainstay in 2008, he brought with him over 30 years' experience of the insurance industry.

Cam is widely recognised as an authority on life and related insurances as they apply to business, and as having a special interest in securing life insurance for health-impaired people. He has often been invited to speak at insurance conferences and seminars in New Zealand, Australia and the US.

From many years of running insurance firms with other director/shareholders, he is aware at first hand of the contingency planning needs of medium-sized businesses.

Like Neil, he is always happy to talk to business people on a no-obligation basis.


Julie Nicolson

Julie has worked in the insurance industry in both New Zealand and Australia for more than 30 years and joined Mainstay in 2004.

Julie has a strong background in insurance administration and claims.


Nicola Rundle

Account Executive

Nicola joins Mainstay with a wealth of knowledge in client relations and care.


Rosie Gordon

Rosie joined Cam in the Christchurch office with a diploma in business administration and 11 years’ experience in legal and medical administration, both fields being important in our business.

Rosie prides herself in giving a high standard of efficient service to our clients which is confirmed by the glowing feedback we receive.